Spring Training has kicked off for Major League Baseball, and with it comes news about the only baseball game in town, MLB 15: The Show. This time, Sony San Diego is giving us an inside look at the updates and changes coming to Diamond Dynasty.

Like many sports games in the modern era, MLB 15 has its own version of a collectible card game mode. In Diamond Dynasty, players collect and upgrade baseball cards of their favorite real life athletes to use in game against the computer or another human opponent online. Based on fan feedback from previous iterations, this year's version of the mode will see some drastic changes and improvements to streamline the entire process, and put the focus on playing with your custom-built fantasy team.

Card collections will now be permanent, and you won't have to worry about having a limited time to use certain players. This gives you the ability to focus on team composure versus making sure you've got enough contract time to use the best and brightest in your collection. However, thanks to this advancement, users will only be able to have one created Diamond Dynasty player active under their profiles. This character will differ from your Road to the Show player in a few aspects, but most notably in the way you progress his stats. By feeding your Dynasty player other cards, you can upgrade key attributes based on the cards you've fed. Additionally, Dynasty players will be able to play any position at any time.

Most importantly, you'll always be earning cards for Diamond Dynasty, even if you've never played a game in the mode. Every time you play a game in MLB 15, you earn cards to use in the mode. While you do earn more by playing in Diamond Dynasty, you'll never lack for progress or your collection if you decide not to try out Diamond Dynasty right out of the box. As a bonus, when you collect all the cards from a given MLB team, you unlock a legendary player from that franchise to add to your collection.

There are more changes in store for Diamond Dynasty, too, but for now these improvements will have to hold us over until MLB 15: The Show releases on PlayStation platforms on March 31.