Before you start mouthing off about how weird this list of 11 Video Game Dudes That Look Like Chicks is, hear us out. Gender bending has been a pastime of video game character designers for a long time. We aren’t particularly sure why they enjoy making gender ambiguous characters so much. Maybe it has something to do with Japanese game designer’s roots in anime and manga… or maybe game designers just like screwing with us. Either way, some of these androgynous characters are pretty badass. So we created this list of 11 Video Game Dudes That Look Like Chicks to celebrate them.

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    Final Fight/Street Fighter

    Poison comes in at #11 in our list of Top 10 Video Game Dudes That Look Like Chicks, because it may be politically incorrect to call her a dude. You see, there is this controversy going around about whether or not Poison is a transvestite, a pre-op transsexual, or a post-op transsexual. In the latter two cases, Poison would pretty much be considered a woman, not a guy who looks like a woman. The rest of our entries on this list seem to be oblivious, or at the very least ambivalent to their androgynous appearance, but Poison looks this way for a reason, so she, yes she, comes in at our #11 “honorable mention” slot.

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    Metal Gear Solid 2

    See, this is what we are talking about. Raiden falls into the Bishounen category of long haired pretty boys that began dominating games and anime in the late '90s and early '00s. He is the complete antithesis to Solid Snakes gritty nature. He was the butt of the, “is that a girl” joke as soon as he showed up in MGS2, though this was partially because fans were outraged that they couldn’t play as Snake the whole way through.

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    Any Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Character

    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is actually a pretty progressive game if you think about it. It has tons of men who look like girls and girls who look like men, and they are all badass. I mean, half the male characters in Jojo’s wear lipstick or earrings. Some even wear tube tops. We're looking at you Polnareff!

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    Lucius and Libra

    Fire Emblem

    Fire Emblem loves to re-use the, “hey, he looks like a chick” joke. Lucius and Libra are two priests who are mistaken for girls throughout the entirety of their respective games. To be fair, Fire Emblem also likes to do the same thing in reverse. There are usually one or two female mounted nights that look a lot like dudes. Look at Sully from Fire Emblem: Awakening to see what we're talking about.

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    Many Pokemon


    Pokemon are some of the kings of gender bending in the Pokemon world. There are male Jigglypuffs, male Clefairy’s, and even male Jynx’s. To be fair, a lot of these Pokemon were made before Nintendo decided to make Pokemon gender and Pokemon breeding key game mechanics, so they very well may have thought that all pink Pokemon were girls back then… or maybe they just thought that there were no Pokemon genders except for the Nidoran. What gender is a Ditto?

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    Super Mario Bros 2

    Birdo may not be human, but it deserves to be on our list of 11 Video Game Dudes That Look Like Chicks, because he was, likely, the very first gender controversy video games ever saw. According to the Super Mario Bros 2 manual, Birdo “thinks he’s a girl.” It’s unclear what this actually means. After all, can Dinosaurs even be transsexuals? Besides, gender gets muddy when you have a hole in your face that spits eggs.

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    Amane Nishiki

    Blazblue Chronophantasma

    Amane Nishiki may dress in pink and fight with scarves, but he is 100% man… creepy man… but man nonetheless. The fact that he has the ability to turn you into a little kid dressed in a school outfit doesn’t really help the creep factor. Amane is considered one of the better characters in the upcoming Blazblue Chronophantasma. Soon, a horde of pro gamers will all be beating ass in pink. It takes a man very secure in his sexuality to wear an outfit that fabulous.

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    Chrono Trigger

    If you went by Flea’s sprite, you might not think that he was gender ambiguous. After all, there’s only so much gender that you can represent in a 16-bit sprite. However, if you look at Flea’s official character artwork, you instantly see how gender ambiguous this great general of Ozzie is. Flea was created way before gender bending was as common as it is in video-games today, and so his/her gender was largely unnoticed by many Chrono Trigger fans on their first playthrough.

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    Ash Crimson

    The King of Fighters Series

    Ash Crimson may be dressing up so feminine because he’s just a gigantic troll. His entire modus operandi is time traveling and screwing with other King of Fighters characters. His entire arc is about how he is attempting to steal the powers from the fighters around him. He’s an evil androgynous narcissistic schemer, but he really ends up being more of a protagonist at the end of The King of Fighters XIII when he sacrifices himself to kill an entirely different evil androgynous narcissistic scheme, Saiki.

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    A sure way to make gamers dislike your villain is to make him androgynous. Kuja flaunted his stripper gear, with his bare thighs, exposed midriff, and metal thong. He also wanted to destroy the world because he was an alien or clone or something. It all kind of gets blurry after his first evil stripper pose monologue.

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    Guilty Gear

    Finally, Bridget from Guilty Gear takes out top slot in our list of 11 Video Game Dudes That Look Like Chicks because… that’s actually his story. He isn’t cross dressing because of some weird character designer’s fetish, he’s cross dressing because he was born as a twin in a village where twins were considered bad luck. If his real gender was found out, he would be killed, and so his family gave him a girl’s name and appearance to spare his life. It’s screwed up, we know, but it doesn’t prevent Bridget and his combat yoyo’s from being any less badass.