Starting this week, we'll be featuring some awesome video game creations. There are so many cool creations on the internet, and the gaming genre is loaded with amazing stuff. Whether it's a car's paint job resembling Super Mario World, a Bulbasaur hoodie with a bulp backpack, or a Companion Cube cake that's too cute to eat, it's all part of the great collective. Take a look at our first gaming creation!


Our first gaming creation features a stunning sculpture of Mario and Peach in the form of the famous sculpture Pieta. Created by Kordianl on deviantART, this sculpture is made entirely out of polystyrene foam. The picture makes the piece look like something that would display on your desk at work, but think again. The video below features it in person -- standing as tall as the creator himself.

With how stunning this piece of artwork is, it was only fair to introduce it in the first week of Video Game Creations.

If you have something you've created that you'd like to see featured here, e-mail and show us your work!