There are quite a few attractive video game characters out there, but not all of them are dating material. Seriously, Ada Wong and Solid Snake might be super hot, but would you really want to date someone who will always be sneaking off mysteriously throughout the day and night? Plus you'd probably get stood up a lot, too. But just because most video game characters aren't dateable doesn't mean they all are, so here are 11 Video Game Characters We'd Like to Date who, in addition to being really, really, ridiculously good-looking, would also have a lot to talk about at dinner.

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    Final Fantasy VII

    We never find out much about Barret’s romantic history during the course of his adventures, but what we do know is he’s a good father, willing to adopt his best buddy’s daughter to take care of her while he’s rotting away in prison.

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    Viewtiful Joe

    It takes a patient soul to deal with someone who has their head as deeply in the clouds as Joe, but Silvia stands by her man, even when he’s sucked into the latest movie.

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    Left 4 Dead

    Louis’ unwavering optimism even in the face of a zombie apocalypse is the kind of encouraging quality we all could use in our romantic partners.

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    Mass Effect

    Depending on which FemShep you’re interested in dating, you’ll either be hooking up with a strong-jawed, moral lady who’ll throw herself on top of the grenade to save her friends (and the universe), or a take-no-prisoners badass who’d burn the universe to the ground if that’s what it took to save it. FemShep #1 you bring home to meet the parents, and FemShep #2 you have a wild, passionate fling with and count your lucky stars that you came out alive.

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    Street Fighter

    Ken may be a rambling, body-slamming street fighter, but he’s already proven himself to be a great husband and father seeing as how his wife loves and supports him, and his daughter looks up to him.  Plus he's super-ripped, rich, and really good-looking. If he wasn’t already spoken for we'd be on that like white on rice.

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    Sheva Alomar

    Resident Evil 5

    Loyalty is one of the most important qualities to look for in a in a partner, romantic or otherwise, and Sheva’s proven herself capable of sticking by her partner even when facing down a horde of B.O.Ws. And has proven she can handle a very large weapon, if you know what we're sayin', fellas. (And if you don't, then we're not going to explain it.)

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    Devil May Cry

    Dante probably would make the best boyfriend for those wanting to travel, seeing as how he’s prone to jetting around the world to fight demons on a whim. He also knows how to find the fun in anything he’s doing, whether it’s rocking out to some tunes or slaughtering marionette-reaper things. There'd never be a dull moment on a date with Dante.

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    Rinoa Heartilly

    Final Fantasy VIII

    It takes a kind soul to put up with someone who’s as much of an aloof douche as Squall at the beginning of FFVIII, which makes Rinoa girlfriend of the freaking year in my book. She's kind of got a small town girl vibe to her in which she's sweet to everyone, and she has awesome dog.

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    Mr. Bubbles (Big Daddy)


    Don’t let that hard outer shell deter you from dating Big Daddy. Beneath all that armor is a sweetheart who’d make a great father seeing as his sole purpose in life is to protect the Little Sisters of Rapture. He’s the kind of guy who’ll stay home with the kids while you work on your career.

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    Lara Croft

    Tomb Raider series

    Lara Croft is very intelligent, independent, and adventurous. Dates with her would probably consist of exploration of tombs and jumping out of airplanes. Bring Band-Aids.

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    Mario Series

    It’s hard to find a better guy than Mr. Mario. He’ll save his friends no matter what it takes, and doesn’t mind looking danger directly in the face and taunting it with his plumber crack. Plus, whenever there’s not heroing to be done, he has a steady regular job, and probably knows a thing or two about how to put that mustache to good use. Bonus? He'll probably take you golfing or go kart racing on your first date.