If you've never heard of Friend & Foe Games before, we hadn't either before this teaser trailer showed up. However, this new development team is made up of developers from the never-coming-out Last Guardian, which makes this new game Vane instantly worth a look.

We're not sure what exactly is happening in this game, and the information on the trailer is rather vague:

"A recurring dream a thousand years old.
A land shut off from the world by walls of sand.
A glimmering power enslaving the ones within.

Vane is an open-world adventure game based on mystery and exploration currently in development by Friend & Foe for the PC and every other platform we can get our hands on."

However we can tell that the graphic style is incredible; the desert filled with monoliths is interesting and spooky, and the part at the end of the teaser where the person jumps off of the ledge and transforms into a bird is really cool. We have no other information besides this teaser, but we are certainly interested in seeing more of what Friend & Foe has to offer.

On that note, is The Last Guardian ever coming out? If not, how many of those ideas may end up here in Vane? Time will tell.