United States Vice President Joe Biden met with religious leaders about gun legislation earlier this week, where the idea of taxing violent media (games, films) was brought up and considered worth investigating.

When meeting with the likes of Franklin Graham (son of evangelist Billy Graham) and Barrett Duke (VP of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission), Biden was open to any and all suggestions on strategy for gun legislation. According to Politico's sources, Graham broached the idea of taxing companies that produce violent media.

“He floated the idea that media and entertainment that portray violence should be subject to a special tax, with the proceeds going to help victims and their families," Rabbi Julie Schonfeld told the site. Biden reportedly told Graham there was "no restriction on the ability to do that, there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t [tax companies.]”

While it may be a bit unfair for a tax-free organization calling out what types of companies or items should face new taxes, Graham isn't the first person to pitch a tax like this. Since the tragedy at Newtown, government representatives in both Missouri and Connecticut have proposed a similar plan according to Gamespot. Whether or not the federal government and state governments go through with the plans remains to be seen, but this isn't likely the last time we'll be hearing about such a concept.

What do you think of a new tax inflicted on violent media like games and movies?