In case you hadn't noticed, there's a lack of Contra on your iPhone. What seems like a no-brainer has yet to actually be the case, as an official version of the legendary NES shooter has long been absent from iOS devices. But is that all about to change?

It's no revelation to any mobile gaming fan that there are plenty of junk apps or poorly made games to be found in the App Store. Then there are some that are just flat-out scams -- apps that target existing properties and then use them to dupe users into getting an inferior product. Apple has implemented some new screenshot rules to help alleviate popular targets like Pokemon and Contra from being ripped off. But are they working yet? Based on a new Contra-like game that has recently been spotted on the Chinese App Store, it's hard to tell.

Spotted by a forum member over at Touch Arcade, there appears to be a Contra title that's currently available in China right now. Pocket Gamer seems to think that it's an official, Konami-approved version of the original game, re-titled Contra: Evolution Revolution and slicked-up with some enhanced visuals.

After taking a look at the demonstration video of the game below, it looks like this just might be the case. So how long before we get to see a version of this over in the good 'ol western hemisphere? If it's a great update of the game and is priced right, we can see it dominating the US App Store like a spread gun power-up.

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