Apple recently posted an announcement to developers that would change the rules surrounding screenshots and how games are updated on the App Store. Effective immediately, screenshots will be locked after an app is approved and cannot be altered or swapped without going through the whole process again.

Though it may seem a bit restrictive on developers, we think that this rule is designed to help cut down on the number of scam apps that find their way into the App Store. If you haven't been burned by one of these, then you're lucky. Nothing's worse than getting flat out tricked into giving up your hard earned iTunes bucks.

Scam apps will be submitted as something really basic at first. Then after they've been approved, the scammers will go in and replace that bland content, like a puzzle game with trapezoids or something, with brand-name content that will attract more people. One of the most infamous examples of this is the Pokemon-Yellow scandal from about a year ago.

It remains to be seen if this move will help to cut down on the amount of junk that's in the App Store. But we are all for anything that helps out who's most important in this whole equation -- the gamers!