Shanghai-based Yingpei Games, formerly Epic Game China, has announced that they'll be releasing their new first-person shooter, Mercenary Ops, before the end of the month.

Mercenary Ops has already been out in China for the last two months where it has been ranked high on the App Store. US gamers will get to experience all of the first-person shootiness very soon. The game follows the tale of a man named Leo, an investigator for the International Coalition Forces. He goes to check out a small European town that's been  (Uh -- this sounds oddly familiar).

The game boasts amazing graphics and will feature one-finger controls. Judging from some of the screenshots below, we're in for a visual wonderland of guns and gore. Whether or not the controls will help or hinder the gameplay remains to be seen, but at least you'll be impressed with how Leon Kennedy Leo looks when he's taking out those biofreaks.

Gamers will play through eight levels and face off against a total of three bosses during the Story Mode. When they're all done with the main narrative, they can take on Survival Mode and shoot up enemies at an increased difficulty setting

We'll see how this eerily-familiar premise plays out when the game drops within the next week or so. But until then, check out these sweet screenshots and watch the trailer below. Granted, the trailer is for the console release, which is a third-person shooter, but you'll be able to get a feel for how the iOS version will look upon release.