Coldwood and EA will team up to bring Unravel, an adorable, yarn-based puzzle-platformer, to life for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Tell Yoshi's Woolly World to move over, because Unravel is going right next to the green dinosaur to provide another awesome, yarn-filled adventure. Unravel features Yarny, a character made of a single thick piece of thread through the great outdoors of Northern Scandinavia. You're going to have to use Yarny's body in intuitive ways to navigate these platforming/puzzle-based levels. One example would be tying Yarny's body to a lantern to haul a lamp through the darkness. Another would be tying himself to a makeshift kite to take to the skies.

“The idea of Unravel was created from a very personal place. We didn’t start out by saying we’re going to make a puzzle platforming game. We started by thinking more about our lives, and the things we hold meaningful. We wanted the game to have a heart and the gameplay could always be designed to represent that,” says Martin Sahlin, Creative Director at Coldwood. “The tale of Unravel is about love, and the bonds between people. And the yarn is a representation of that. Yarny’s red thread is the tie that connects everything in the game, from the gameplay mechanics to the story, and the people in it.”

Unravel will launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since no launch window is set, we have a feeling Unravel won't debut until 2016 at the earliest.

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