Luck — some people have it, others not so much, like the 13 Unluckiest Video Game Characters. Luck's the term we, humans, give to the random forces of the universe which determine whether good things or bad things happen to you. Some people can strut up to a Las Vegas casino and walk away a thousand dollars richer without blinking an eye. We're not talking about those kinds of people here, though, we're talking about video game characters whose misfortune is so grave you'd think the universe had it in for them. They are the 13 Unluckiest Video Game Characters.

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    Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

    Luck's a stat in many RPGs, but Knoll is the only character we know of whose misfortune is so grave his luck starts at zero. That's why he's on our list of the 13 Unluckiest Video Game Characters.

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    The Carmine Bros.

    The Gears of War Series

    These guys are to Gears of War what Kenny is to South Park.

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    Maggey Byrd

    The Ace Attorney series.

    This gal's so unfortunate that other people have taken to calling her "Lady Luckless", which is probably why she ends up getting accused of murder three times (and counting)!

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    The Boat Captain

    The God of War series.

    Kratos is a real jerk - for a lot of reasons - but especially for repeatedly murdering the Boat Captain from God of War, going so far as to killing him in the afterlife in both God of War II and III.

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    Glass Joe


    This poor, poor bastard's been beaten 99 times, and all he wants to do is score a single glorious victory against Little Mac before he retires.

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    The Metal Gear Solid series

    There seems to be a hidden rule in the Metal Gear Solid series: if you're a woman who likes Otacon, you're going to die.

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    Chrono Trigger

    All he wanted was a nice day at the Millennium Fair, but he ends up on a time-traveling adventure thanks to his best buddy Lucca not quite checking her calculations properly.

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    Portal and Portal 2

    Chell has to fight her way through a series of mind-bending puzzles while trying to survive the capricious whims of a malevolent AI not once, but twice.

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    Too many games to count

    You'd think a fire-breathing, gigantic turtloid would be able to defeat a mustachioed plumber, but time and time again, Bowser has the poor fortune to lose to a guy 1/8 his size. That's why he's on our list of the 13 Unluckiest Video Game Characters.

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    Max Payne

    The Max Payne series.

    If you know Max Payne, chances are good that you're gonna die. If you are Max Payne, chances are good you're gonna have a really weird face.

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    Leon Kennedy

    Resident Evil 2, 4, and 6

    Zombie outbreaks follow this guy wherever he goes, but none was so ill-timed as the outbreak which occurred on his first day as a rookie cop.

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    Daniel Fortesque


    It takes some seriously bad luck to be the first person killed in battle, but Dan made the best of his misfortune by rising up as an undead hero.

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    Mother 3

    This poor little guy just wants to keep his family and friends together, and yet he repeatedly ends up alone (especially in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Sub-Space Emissary). That's why Lucas is #1 on our list of the 13 Unluckiest Video Game Characters.