Metal, a graphics application programming interface which is coming to iOS devices later this year, is being praised by Unity Technologies, provider of one of the most popular game engines in the industry.

Unity Technologies has recently vocalized its support and praise of the upcoming graphics API update coming to iOS 8, Metal. Unity is known for its Unity game engine, which has been outsourced and licensed to dozens of developers and has used to make a multitude of indie games across all consoles, including mobile devices.

The Metal API update will be tremendous to the plethora of indie developers in the mobile game market. Ultimately, the graphical capabilities, details and interactivity of iOS games, will have a significantly higher potential than before. Metal will free up resources that are usually restricted to mobile games and will give developers the ability to throttle even more out of the iOS device's graphics processing unit. This means iOS games, both on iPads and iPhones, can have much more intricate gameplay physics, have even more items on their screens and can use up less battery life.

Expect Metal to come out sometime after the iOS 8 update, which is due out this fall.