The Twin Galaxies site is up and running in beta right now, tracking gaming achievements all over the world.

The site doesn't have a plethora of features yet, but it's good to see it active once again. You can search for games and view various records that range from fastest completion time to highest scores. And the records also have variations, like in the case of the original Donkey Kong arcade game and points gained with and without using the hammer.

You can also view all of the latest record-breaking news on the site, as well as keep track of events that might be taking place soon, such as arcade tournaments in which players aim to beat some records or set new ones themselves. One such upcoming event is the 2nd Annual Battle of the Arcades Tournament that will take place on March 9th, 2013.

Check out the site here and let us know if you're going to use it to keep track of incredible records or maybe even try to break one yourself!