This week, Ubisoft continued its tradition of pumping out Trials Fusion DLC with the arrival of 'Fault One Zero". Better buckle up.

Trials Fusion's fifth DLC, "Fault One Zero", is available now for all your futuristic racing needs. In "Fault One Zero", you will be transported into Megalopolis because who needs to be creative when you have super awesome neon lights covering every inch of the tracks? You can race through brightly lit neon tracks that look like they belong in Tron, try out new vehicles that look like they belong in Tron and even take on challenges that... look like they belong in Tron. You can check out the trailer above for all preview of the 10 new tracks, 24 new challenges and the tons of new objects for your track editor.

However, "Fault One Zero" isn't the only new thing coming to Trials Fusion. There is also a new update that has been added to the game, which comes with single-player tracks. These will be added to the Trials Fusion Online Multiplayer so that you can challenge your friends to see who can record the fastest time a host of new courses. Since fans have taken part in almost 2.5 million races, Ubisoft figured you guys were getting a little bit bored of having to do so in the same tracks over and over again. In case you were wondering what the distance of all those races are, it accumulates to a whopping 317,581 miles.

"Fault One Zero" is available now as part of the $19.99 Season Pass for Trials Fusion, or can be bought individually for $4.99.