If you've been missing the cooperation of a team when playing Trials Fusion then you'll be excited by the new update.

A post on the Ubiblog reports that now, in the much anticipated follow-up to Trials Evolution, you can join a team of up to fifty members to compete with in an attempt to boost your Team score and climb the leaderboard. You can communicate with your team with the Team bulletin board system for now. Later, after another update which will bring multiplayer to the game, you will be able to challenge your teammates in private games.

The mulitplayer update will arrive early next year and be a free update to all platforms. This update will bring with it three different multiplayer modes if you join the beta on PC today. The first of the modes is Online X-Supercross, which will put up to eight players on two random tracks. There will be two people to each track and the winner will end up being the racer with the highest overall score. The second mode is Private Games which includes the same amount of up to eight players. However, in Private Games, you will be able to customize the match in terms of track gravity, bike speed and bike controls. The third mode is only available for those who joined the multiplayer beta and will be perfect for those days when you just don't feel like racing; it's called Private Games with Spectator and allows you to set the rules, pick the track and then invite up to eight players to take part in a race where you will pull up a chair, some popcorn, a nice drink, and just watch your friends battle it out.

Fore more information about the updates or specifically about multiplayer you can head over to Trial Fusion's Website to see what's what.