A new downloadable content pack for the motorcycle madness of Trials Fusion is coming soon, and our brave bikers had better bring some towels because things are about to get soaked.

The new DLC is called Welcome to the Abyss, and according to the UbiBlog post it will take place across ancient ruins both underground and under the ocean. The blog goes into more detail: "Surrounded by ancient machinery powered by strange relics, players will take on 10 new tracks and 24 challenges (with 5 new achievements that can be earned). In addition, you’ll have access to over 100 new objects for the track editor so you can build a beast of your own and send it out in the world for others to try."

Those who purchased the Trials Fusion Season Pass will have Welcome to the Abyss waiting for them in-game on Oct. 7, while those who prefer their DLC piecemeal will be able to purchase the pack on the same day for $4.99.

Biking under the sea, huh? We're wondering if being underwater will affect the bikes the same way it affects swimmers, meaning slower runs with jumps that have to be measured out completely differently than the open air. We're intrigued by this new pack, and we hope that it's just as enjoyable as the rest of Trials Fusion has been so far.