The Ubisoft Blog dropped a nice surprise on us just in time for Gamescom: a brand new Toy Soldiers game is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and this time it's more than just "toy soldiers."

The new game is called Toy Soldiers: War Chest, and the UbiBlog post does a fantastic job of explaining the premise before we see a second of the announcement trailer:

"Admit it. You’ve all done it. You’ve lined up your toys, and maybe even grabbed a few precious items from your siblings’ stashes. And then you battled. Across train tables and inside playhouses, you pitted action figure against army man, stuffed animal against plush doll – and it was glorious," the blog reads. "Such is the joy of the Toy Soldier series, a unique tower defense/action hybrid from developer Signal Studios. And now it’s returning for a third time with Toy Soldiers: War Chest, out in early 2015 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (the first time on a Sony console) and PC."

So far we've seen two armies, the returning Germans and the brand new Star Power army ripped right out of Lisa Frank's wildest dreams. The blog teases two more armies to be revealed and much more information coming this week, so keep an eye out for more info on the next great war of the Toy Soldiers.