Torchlight 2 has finally released its editor, called GUTS, to the public and is set to welcome the hordes of incoming modders with their plans to add pandas and other ridiculous things to the game.

An update on the game's official page details the GUTS roll-out, letting players and modders know what the editor's all about and what it can do for the Torchlight 2 community.

The in-house development tool will let players modify item and skill balance, level layouts, animations, quests, and other aspects of the game. The release of GUTS prompts the addition of a modded games lobby for multiplayer mode and a new launcher which will let you select which mods you'd like to be active during your game.

The game also now supports Steam Workshop, allowing players to subscribe to mods and synch the with them whenever any updates crop up.

The team from Runic has given us a short list of what we're to expect with the debut of GUTS:

  • The NetherRealm tileset - new NetherRealm dungeons can be found via portals throughout the world
  • New Monsters
  • New armor sets
  • New weapons
  • New pets - including the Headcrab
  • New endgame map content
  • Additional dungeons can be found throughout the overworld in New Game Plus modes

You can read through the entire update and see Q&As with Tools Engineer Greg Brown and Art Director Jason Black by going to the post here.

Let us know what you think of the update and whether or not you'll be modding the game to craft your own, customized Torchlight 2 experience!