The long-awaited Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD finally has finally made its way into the hands of the public. Longtime fans of the series were initially resistant to the cartoony style of this Gamecube original, but eventually most warmed up to the bright, colorful, silky smooth looks. That doesn't mean we don't also like to see Zelda titles with a bit more realism to them, however, which is why we're glad that Nintendo went back to adult Link. Some fans prefer the stylish contours of Toon Link, while others prefer the realism of Adult Link, which begs the question: which of these two Links makes our Tingles tingle the most?

Toon Link

Prettiest Game: Wind Waker HD

Most Unique Gadget: The Picto Box


Fan Favorite Game: The Minish Cap


Best Alternate Outfit: Link's casual clothes


Most Popular Game: Spirit Tracks


Adult Link

Prettiest Game: Skyward Sword


Most Unique Gadget: Spinner


Fan Favorite Game: Twilight Princess


Best Alternate Outfit: Zora Armor


Most Popular Game: Ocarina of Time


Winner: Adult Link

Honestly, with the quality Nintendo puts into each Legend of Zelda game, we all win. The thing that pushes Adult Link ahead of his cartoonier counterpart is that he can take credit for being in one of the greatest games in the history of the medium: Ocarina of Time. Remember Ocarina of Time? Damn that's a good game.