Rejoice, fans of the 900, we have a confirmation of a new pro skating title being done by Tony Hawk and Activision.

An Activision representative has contacted IGN to confirm a statement previously made by Tony Hawk in regards to a new joint project. On Tony Hawk's SiriusXM Demolition Radio Show, the legendary skater let it be known that he was working on a new game while he was recollecting about the Pro Skater game series.

"Activision can confirm that they have something in the works with Tony Hawk, more info is coming soon," the statement said.

The co-host of the radio show chimed in to add that Tony himself was doing the motion captured moves that are going to be integrated into the game itself. We're very glad to hear that we might be getting a new entry into the beloved Pro Skater series. Hopefully, the next Pro Skater game will not utilize any type of skateboard peripheral and just focus on controller-based gameplay.