Tomb Raider has been out for a few weeks now, so we're willing to bet a majority of fans have already climbed their way to the finish line, scavenged for food and supplies, and helped turn Lara into the icon we know today. If not, then be warned that SLIGHT SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.

And these spoilers take the form of a climbing sequence towards the end of the game, which is Crystal Dynamics' creative director Noah Hughes' favorite bit of gameplay from Tomb Raider.

He explains that this climb is treacherous, dramatic, but ultimately lets Lara use all of the traversal skills and gear that she's acquired over the course of her adventure on Yamatai Island.

Watch the video below (preferably if you've already beaten the game) and let us know what your favorite part of Tomb Raider was. Do you like these kinds of videos and would you watch the upcoming vids with more developer favorites?

Did you like the shooting mechanics more? Maybe you were a fan of exploring tombs? Sound off in the comments section!