Tomb Raider has been entertaining fans for a few weeks now, letting them run through a gritty reboot of Lara Croft's birth as an adventure on an island called Yamatai near Japan. It is strange, then, to think that there's no Japanese language pack available for the game. Square Enix seeks to remedy that problem, albeit at a somewhat premium price.

According to Kotaku, Square Enix will make the Japanese language pack for Tomb Raider available on Steam so that it matches the Japanese retail release of the game when it drops on April 25th, 2013.

But this language pack will cost $30.00 for anyone who wants to hear the characters speak in Japanese with the appropriate subtitles. Considering that the download for Tomb Raider on Steam already costs $49.99, that'll make getting the game and the language pack an $80 purchase.

Whether or not the extra expense will be worth it is up to consumers and depends on the quality of the Japanese voice-overs and subtitles. Let us know your thoughts on the cost of the language pack and whether or not you'd pay it in order to experience the game in Japanese.