Following the news of A Bird Story, Kan Gao posted this teaser image (obviously as a joke), of To The Moon 2, indicating the coming of the hit indie game's sequel.

In a post on Facebook, Kan Gao teased To The Moon 2 with a ridiculous image that actually shows To The Moon's protagonists, Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts, actually on the moon, albeit inside the game's virtual world.

It kind of pokes fun at the lack of action in the original game and one of the most ridiculous sequences later on when Neil Watts has to fight off an army of Zombie Evas.

To The Moon was more of an interactive novel in which players watch an emotional story unfold, as seen through the eyes of Eva and Neil. Their journey to help fulfill a dying old man's final wish takes them through his memories as they try to figure out why he wants to go to the moon.

The series is supposed to feature more episodes in which Eva and Neil try to fulfill clients' dreams by recreating their memories or creating new ones, and we look forward to seeing this next full installment of the game. A Bird Story, which is due out in the middle of the year, will be a sort of prequel to To The Moon 2, showing us the upcoming client in his youth as he tends to an injured bird.

Let us know if you've played To The Moon and if it drew out any of those tears like it did for PewDiePie. If not, let us know if you'd be interested in playing a game that tugged at your heartstrings and provided a deeply touching story!