Tiny Death Star, the licensed Star Wars mobile games that lets players construct and manage their own tiny Death Star, has been killed and pulled off of the mobile marketplaces by Disney... without letting developer NimbleBit know about it.

CVG reports that NimbleBit was first informed of the game's removal by a fan on Twitter asking where the game went, as NimbleBit co-founder Ian Marsh told GameSpot. In a seperate statement to Game Informer, Marsh said "We're very disappointed to see Tiny Death Star shuttered less than a year after launch. We had no prior knowledge that the game would be removed and no longer even have a contact at Disney after the recent layoffs [of 700 Disney Mobile staff]."

He continued with a warning to other indie developers: "Suffice to say if you're a developer looking to partner with Disney this might not be the partnership you're looking for."

Look, we understand that Star Wars is Disney's intellectual property to do with as they please, but NimbieBit did nothing wrong other than develop the game they were commissioned to make, so a little fair warning that the game was being pulled couldn't hurt, right? That's like a pro athlete finding out he's been traded via a Twitter breaking news update: it's not professionally acceptable, and it shouldn't be. Hopefully NimbleBit can bounce back with an even better game soon.