The classic PS2 series TimeSplitters will be getting a rebooted revival from the most unlikely of sources.

The original games were fantastic shooters, but sadly, the company went bust and the TimeSplitters IP was purchased by Crytek. After over 75,000 fans expressed interest in a continuation of the series, Crytek decided not to go ahead with creating a new game. Instead, they decided to do something so unheard of in the video game development industry. They gave the title to a team of 25 diehard fans and gave them permission to make a new game and release it for free.

Crytek even offered to give the team all the assets from the original titles, but the team declined and instead decided to create everything from the ground up in the much more up to date CryEngine 3. Eschewing the campaign and co-op modes, Timesplitters Rewind will focus on multiplayer and challenge modes for 8 to 16 players. They hope to have a demo out in December and the full PC game out early next year. They also plan to roll out some downloadable content for the game. The title and DLC will all be available for the low, low price of $0.

There is no promise for a TimeSplitters HD collection from the team behind Rewind, but if everything goes well for them on the project, they might just find it in their hearts, and spare time, to recreate some of the classic shooters.