If you've been wanting to relive the glory days of the arcade, you're in luck; Time Crisis 5 is coming back to change the light gun game.

According to Polygon, Impress Game Watch reports that the game's arcade cabinet rocks two 55-inch monitors, a gun controller that allows for cycling through weapons and left and right foot pedals. Wait, two pedals?! The game has changed. Apparently, both pedals will let players flank enemies, presumably to aerate their backsides. If players have a Bandai Namco Bana Passports, they'll be able to save their progress and come back to kick more butt.

Unfortunately, there's no news of any North American ports of the arcade game making it over here, but Time Crisis 5 will appear in Japanese arcades in March 2015. If you're really hankering to try it, you could always buy a plane ticket and hop over. Otherwise, keep it here and we'll update you with any new information about Time Crisis 5.