The horrible truth is that arcades are an endangered species. With the boom in home consoles over the past 30 years, quarters have been staying in piggy banks instead of being collected by arcade cabinets. Side-scrolling beat 'em ups and fighting games may have been received well on home consoles due to online play, but the transition has not been as kind to light gun rail-shooters. Light gun games have fallen into an abyss where their only places in the world seem to be in movie theater and bowling alley lobbies -- and that's about it. Motion technology allows players to interact with games in remarkable ways, so why not bring back one of the earliest staples of arcade gaming and revolutionize it in this manner? Shoot offscreen to reload and avoid the innocents, because today we recognize 10 Light Gun Games That Need to be Resurrected.

Yoshi's Safari - Nintendo

Give Mario a Super Scope and he'll lay waste to Bowser's cronies the way he should have dealt with them since the beginning -- with a gun. We would like a new incarnation with the Wii U's GamePad or Wiimote please.


Crypt Killer - Konami

There aren't enough games where you mow down Medusa, skeletons, mummies, a Hydra and various other mythical, evil beings with modern day weaponry.


Virtua Cop - Sega

Sega's partnership with Nintendo would make this series a logical choice to remake or port over to the Wii U.


Revolution X - Midway

When Aerosmith was captured by paramilitary forces, players responded appropriately by gunning down thousands of Tyler-haters with a machine gun. Here's to hoping for another "toasty!" Easter egg by Tyler.


Time Crisis - Namco

Time Crisis 4 may have been released in the PlayStation 3's earlier years, but we felt that much of the PS3's capabilities were left untapped. If the PlayStation Eye was used to detect ducking/dodging and the PlayStation Move was used in conjunction with it, that would set the standard of light gun gaming for the future.


Silent Scope - Konami

We could imagine this working well on the Wii U, where the television screen would show enemies and targets in the far distance, but you would have to aim the GamePad camera at the screen and look through the touch screen to pull off sniper shots.


Lethal Enforcers - Konami

With a cast like Magnum, P. I., but a gun like Dirty Harry's, Lethal Enforcers should be brought back to take down one last crime syndicate.


 Policenauts - Konami

One of the only titles Hideo Kojima is known for that doesn't rhyme with "Metal Ear", Policenauts blended story, comedic scenarios, light gun shootouts and even bomb-diffusing mechanics for an unforgettable experience. Zone of Enders received both an HD-remake and a sequel, why not Policenauts?


Duck Hunt - Nintendo

No matter how many times you tried shooting the dog, he kept laughing. We would like Nintendo to let us shoot ducks and disks out of the sky one last time. Make it cartoony, make it silly, and please don't make it like the Big Buck/Deer Hunter series. 


Operation Wolf - Taito

Taito (a subsidiary of Square Enix) is prominently known for Bubble Bobble and Space Invaders, but that doesn't mean we forgot the first time we ever played Operation Wolf in arcades. With an uzi attached on fixed swivel, Operation Wolf's light gun revolutionized arcade play with one of the first instances of force feedback controls. We may have seen it appear on the Taito Legends collection in 2005, but its lack of light gun support is unforgivable. So here's to hoping for the day we can use Wiimotes or Move controllers to mow down concentration camp soldiers.

Any light gun games that we missed that you feel should have made the list? Shoot offscreen to reload and sound off in the comments below to let us know!