Though there was a bit of hope THQ might have been able to pull out of its financial woes thanks to the help of a generous investor, it appears that's not the case. As a result, the company's assets were auctioned off to other publishers and developers on Wednesday.

In a letter from CEO Brian Farrell to THQ's many employees (and passed along to Kotaku), a detailed account of purchasing agreements was given. Though none of the deals listed were absolutely final, Farrell indicated the following studios and properties would have new homes come Thursday morning.

Sega would purchase all of Relic, which developed the Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40K franchises. Crytek would take over the Homefront license, for which they were already invested in creating a sequel. Take 2 is apparently taking over Evolve. Volition and the Metro franchise were under agreement to be purchased by Deep Silver (owned by Koch Media). Ubisoft is also supposedly adding South Park: The Stick of Truth and THQ Montreal to its portfolio. There are no current homes in place for Vigil Studios (Darksiders franchise), as well as other intellectual properties not named in the letter (WWE, 1666).

More on this as it develops.