An Optimus Prime transforming into a game system that can play Crash Bandicoot is still more entertaining Michael Bay's version.

According to Polygon, Takara Tomy is having the leader of the Autobots ditch his 18-wheeler persona and is now going to be able to transform into a PS1. Mind you, this is the same company that made a new Megatron which could transform into a Sega Megadrive system. Marking the 30 year anniversary of Transformers and the 20 year anniversary of the PlayStation brand, this is the most opportune time to make this enticing Transformer.

The PlayStation Optimus Prime figure is expected to debut sometime in early 2015. Takara Tomy will also be releasing other PlayStation-based toys throughout 2015, ranging from the PS2 to the PS4 and including various accessories and controllers. Now if only we could get a Unicron figure that changes into the peripherals of Steel Battalion.

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