Put away those cardboard tubes and papier mache, wannabe Mega Men; an officially-licensed Buster Gun replica has gone up for sale on ThinkGeek, rendering your crappy homemade arm cannon project moot.

The new replica, created by ThinkGeek and licensed by Capcom, looks just like Mega Man’s primary weapon, and features multiple light and sound effects. Turn on your Buster to hear the power-up sound and watch the energy meter fill up. Once powered up, grab the handle with either hand and pull the trigger for a single shot, or hold it down for a charged shot. Once you’ve defeated Elec Man, Cut Man or Convention Security Man, turn the Buster off for power-down lights and sounds.

At 8’ wide and 14.2” long, the Buster Gun is a full-sized prop that will fit adults, and at $79.99, it’s a lot cheaper than many other high-end game weapon replicas. This is the first time Capcom has ever licensed a Buster Gun, so Mega Man collectors and cosplayers are sure to grab them up quickly.

Me? I’m waiting for one that shoots Nerf balls.