As the dust settles from E3 2013, the emotions from the surprises and letdowns throughout the duration of the expo still linger. Sony may have appeared to trump Microsoft in their press conference, but this does not mean that the future of the console war is set in stone. There are many games and projects on the horizon that were not mentioned at E3. Many of us had a set list of games we were hoping to see debut at the expo in some form (Battletoads!), that unfortunately was never mentioned throughout the week. Cross your fingers in hope for the future, because we present to you our list of 10 Things Missing from E3 2013.


WWE 2K14 - 2K Sports

Picked up by 2K Sports (a subsidiary of Take-Two), during the THQ breakdown, this game was mysteriously absent during E3. Nevertheless, we expect to be putting John Cena through tables by October this year.


 A New Gearbox Software Title

Gearbox's last two games were Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. We consider that breaking even in terms of quality. But the lack of an E3 presence from the Texas-based company was quite noticeable and we wish to see how the company will rebound from the conundrum of Aliens' failure.


Guilty Gears Xrd: SIGN - Sega

Fighting game enthusiasts were hoping for some footage or information pertaining to fifth installment of the fan favorite series and unfortunately found none by the end of the expo.


Fable 4 - Microsoft Studios

Both Fable 3 and Kinect-based Fable: The Journey inspired many gamers to grab the torches and pitchforks in response to being let down by Molyneux. We hoped for a much-needed redesign of the franchise for Xbox One, but instead, the only thing announced was an HD-remake of the original title for Xbox 360.


Motion Gaming Technology Changes

With a plethora of next gen titles on the horizon, we were hoping that the PlayStation 4's Eye camera, the Xbox One's Kinect, and the Wii U's GamePad would incorporate some new types of motion-interaction that would revolutionize the future. Instead, we saw more of the same pertaining to motion controls.


A New Gears of War Title - Microsoft Studios

Judgment's prequel story may have just been recently released, but we are still eager to see the Cogs roll into the next gen. The first Gears title helped legitimize the Xbox 360, so we hope to see something similar happen for the Xbox One.


The Last Guardian - Team Ico

We know that the makers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are capable of greatness, but it did not show during E3. The Last Guardian has been in development for the past seven years, and the lack of an E3 presence left us questioning how well the game's actual gameplay will turn out.


Half-Life 3 - Valve Software

PC gamers are hungrily awaiting the next inception of the revolutionary FPS series. The spin-offs of the first two Half-Life titles are becoming even more popular than the source games themselves. But, once again, Gordan Freeman no-showed E3.



The Ouya's absence on the expo floor was due to the system's shunning by the ESA. Ouya took it upon themselves to rent part of a parking lot across the street, offering demos and free trials for anyone willing to stop by. The ESA fought back by using tractor-trailers to block the booth's view from E3-goers and eventually called the police to try and shut it down (the cops sided with Ouya and left the booth open). 


Grand Theft Auto 5 - Rockstar Games

Though GTA 5 did not have any sort of presence at E3, Rockstar acknowledged this by releasing new photos from the game during the duration of the expo, inspiring viewers to guess at the various, new gaming mechanics hinted at by the pictures.

Were there any other titles or projects you were hoping would make an appearance at E3 that we missed? Please let us know in the comments below!