Bigsby Wolf is back and here to continue his chase of a powerful, malevolent force in Fabletown as The Wolf Among Us' first season comes to a close.

This new trailer for The Wolf Among Us, Episode 5 shows that things are coming to a screeching halt for the Big Bad Wolf, but neither him, nor this ending, are as essentially bad as we think. The world of 'Fables' is going to hell with the murders and wars going on throughout the streets of Fabletown, and only Bigsby is able to huff, puff and set things right. If we were to learn anything from our previous engagements with Telltale titles, it would be that its fifth episodes are always the ones that encourage us to breakout the Kleenex.

The fifth episode of The Wolf Among Us, Cry Wolf, will launch on July 8 for $4.99 on PC and PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version of Episode 5 will launch on July 9 and its iOS version will launch on the next day. Cry Wolf will also be a part of The Wolf Among Us' season pass, which sells for $24.99.

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