This new trailer for "A Crooked Mile", the third episode of The Wolf Among Us, features Bigby unleashing the beast within.

Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us will continue Bigby's hunt for the serial killer who is loose throughout Fabletown. After investigating the likes of Georgie Porgie and the Beauty and the Beast's relationship in Episode 2, Bigby is now pursuing Ichabod Crane. Crane and the serial killer are definitely related, and it's up to you to find out how. Unfortunately, Bigby isn't the only force at work in Fabletown trying to put a stop to the serial killer. It looks like some of these forces have their own personal motives and can be just as big and bad as Bigby.

If you look at the 55 second mark, it looks as if Bigby and Gren (as in Grendel, of Beowulf lore) were teaming up for some odd reason. According to the trailer, no release date has been set. Since Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us, "Smoke & Mirrors," was released less than five days after the release of its debut trailer, we have a feeling that we will have the Big Bad Wolf walking "A Crooked Mile" sometime very soon.