This uncensored, red band trailer of The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 allows Bigby Wolf to finally bare his fangs.

In this raw trailer for Episode 2, we finally get to see the continuation of the Big Bad Wolf's investigation into the first murder of a Fable in years. Bigby, hot on the trail of the murderer from Episode 1, is now encountering more and more famous Fables of old in order to catch a killer who has gone serial. In the video, Bigby is checking out the affairs of the Beauty and the Beast and Georgie Porgie for more leads.

Your interrogation of Bigby's only apprehended suspect is dependent (in Telltales' fashion) on whom you caught at the end of Episode 1, either Dee Tweedle or the Woodsman. As you can tell by the trailer, the story will seamlessly continue regardless of whomever is in the chair.

Though the trailer says "coming soon", The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 is expected to come out sometime in early February.