CD Projekt RED is throwing its hat into the MOBA ring with The Witcher Battle Arena, which received its debut trailer today.

Planned for release on iOS, Android and Windows Phones, The Witcher Battle Arena will bring focused arena battles to mobile devices, and utilize characters and locations from the Witcher series. Designed exclusively for mobile devices, the game will focus heavily on quick, intense play sessions, and feature an interface that takes advantage of the platforms’ capabilities.

As of now, the game will feature eight different hero characters. From the Dryad Queen, Eithne, with her plant control and precise bow attacks, to Dwarven adventurer Zoltan Chivay, who specializes in heavy, rushing attacks, the roster is varied and diverse, offering enough play styles to make any MOBA fan happy. In addition, several game modes will be offered, including 3-vs-3 battles, co-op horde mode, and Conquest mode, which challenges opposing teams to control conquest points to winnow down the enemy’s reinforcements.

While The Witcher: Battle Arena will be free to play, micro-transactions will be available in the game. The development team stresses, however, that everything in the game can be unlocked by simply playing long enough, and pledges to offer players a system that is, “honest, well balanced and doesn’t keep you playing for ages to unlock something.”

Additionally, you can now sign up in the hopes of getting invited to the open beta. CD Projekt Red is accepting applications here.