This free-to-play MOBA takes what you love about The Witcher series and puts it in the palm of your hand.

CD Projekt Red has announced The Witcher Battle Arena, a mobile, MOBA spin-off from Geralt's story. The Witcher Battle Arena will be entirely free-to-play with its freemium content able to be earned through gameplay; none of the items you can purchase with real currency will give you an in-game advantage. We were never expecting the world of The Witcher to go in this direction for its first spin-off, but CD Projekt Red assures us we're in good hands.

“With mobile devices as powerful as they are and the graphics they offer being so beautiful, we can finally plunge into mobile gaming and deliver our take on free gaming to gamers worldwide,” said Adam Badowski, head of studio at CD PROJEKT RED.

Letho of Gulet, Zoltan Chivay, Philippa Eilhart and three other heroes will be playable in this upcoming free-to-play MOBA when The Witcher Battle Arena arrives in Q4 2014 for Android and iOS devices.