The War Z players may be used to hacking up zombies, but now it's been discovered that someone's been hacking them.

According to a statement made by The War Z team, hackers have accessed the forum and game databases, meaning they've gotten their hands on the player data contained within them. An investigation has been launched, and as a measure to enhance security, the game and forums have gone offline.

The hackers have gotten their hands on email addresses that players use to log into the forum, encrypted forum passwords, email addresses used to log into the game itself, encrypted game passwords, in-game character names, and IP addresses. The team wants to assure players that their names and addresses are not in danger, since they don't collect that information, unless they posted that information in the forums.

They also want to make it abundantly clear that no payment information has been exposed, since they accept payments through a third-party.

Though they encrypt passwords, the team warns that they can still be obtained and that their research indicates many users do not use strong passwords. It is their recommendation that players change their passwords as soon as possible and to create one longer than 8 characters with a good combination of uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

While the investigation goes on, they will be taking steps to beef up their security and review the state of their servers to ensure that nothing like this happens again.

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