Clementine gets her melee zombie-slaying on as we get an exclusive look into the second episode of Season 2 of The Walking Dead: The Game.

Warning: Possible Spoilers Below

Walkers, Clementine's new group, a pregnant survivor and a ruthless father are much of the focus in this newest trailer (courtesy of IGN). We also get introduced to who Carver really is. Carver's sinister nature was hinted at throughout the previous episode, alluding to the idea that he was some sort of rival or bandit leader against Clementine's new cabin-mates. Now, we know why he is the crazed man that he is.

The trailer hints that Carver believes that, in Shane-fashion, a certain unborn baby belongs to him. Meanwhile, we get to see Clementine step up to the badass little walker wrecker that we expected she would become. With a nice little reference to Tyreese, we see Clementine step up to the plate by the end of this trailer.

Watch the rest of the video to watch an exclusive IGN interview with Scott Porter, who voices Luke in this season of The Walking Dead. There's still no firm release date, but Telltale has hinted episode 2 will be available soon.