Excited for the fifth and final episode of the season in Telltale Games' epic adventure series? Well, here's the very first screenshot from Episode 5: No Time Left to tide you over until the midweek release!

The end is upon us, fellow survivors of the zombie plague. We've been with Lee Everett from his humble beginnings in the back of a cop car and seen him do everything he can within his power to keep Clementine alive. We've laughed together, we've cried together, and we've listened to Lee describe miscellaneous objects in the environment and speak out his thoughts with no one around together.

But here we are, at the final step of the journey. What lies in store for Lee and the remaining survivors? What led him to be stuck in the middle of a group of walkers in the first place? Where did he manage to get such a sharp, high-quality knife in the middle of post-apocalyptic Savannah? And most importantly, will the finale tie up all loose ends? We won't have very long to wait until we find out!

Check out the screen below and the stats trailer for Episode 4 - Around Every Corner.

*SPOILER WARNING! The trailer below contains massive spoilers for Episode 4, regarding choices made by players during the game.