We love covering the latest and greatest in gaming here at Arcade Sushi, but as long as I'm the editor of this site, we're going to give classic arcade gaming as much coverage as we can. And since we write about Kickstarter projects for independent games and consoles, why not for video game films as well?

The Video Craze is an independent film by Dave Danzara that talks about and embraces the video game arcade culture we 1st generation gamers grew up in. It covers everything from the arcades back in the day to today's collectors and why they buy, sell, restore and collect arcade games.

Dave has 23 days left to go in his Kickstarter campaign, and even though he has reached his goal, he can still do more with the documentary if he gets additional funds. You can contribute anywhere from $15 to $3,000 depending on your love of gaming and how much spare change you have under the mattress.

There are a couple of trailers that give you a better idea of what you can expect in the documentary. I know I'll be throwing my donation in and hopefully you will as well. The only way we can try and bring back our love for the arcade (and arcades themselves), is by showing support to the classic arcade community.

Check out the two trailers below and be sure to Like their Facebook page!