Curve Studios has announced that it is bringing Facepalm's clone-tastic platformer over to the Wii U.

Good news for Wii U players, Facepalm Games' innovative platforming game, The Swapper, is coming over to the Nintendo console. The Swapper's graphics are beautifully done, with most in-game models and environmental objects being fully rendered in clay atop hand-drawn backdrops. The story of The Swapper is surprisingly a lot more in-depth than one would get from a merely platformer.

Speaking of platforming, The Swapper's mechanics involve using a cloning gun that will spawn a clone of your character wherever you aim the gun. The clones (you can spawn more than one as the game progresses), mimic your moves exactly, and many puzzles of the game utilize this feature. You are then able to swap consciousnesses with the clone, transporting your protagonist's mind into that of the brain-dead clone and as your original body becomes yet another Lemming-like copycat that follows the protagonist's every move. This leads to an amazing tale about ethics, similar to that in 'The Prestige', where you are left questioning how far you are willing to go and whether or not your soul and sanity lose something for sacrificing so many mindless clones for the sake of continuing your existence.

We highly suggest you check our review of The Swapper and decide for yourself whether or not you should get this title for the Wii U.

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