The Sly Collection has received a rating on the ESRB's website, which wouldn't really be news since the collection's already been enjoying quite some time on the PlayStation 3. But wait! This rating's for a PlayStation Vita version, folks. 

As pointed out by JoyStiq, the ESRB has slapped an "E for Everyone 10+" on the collection, now coming to the PlayStation Vita. While there haven't been any proper announcements for a port of Sly's digest of adventures, this rating leak is as good as any confirmation.

The Rating Summary points out that the game has a few instances of crude humor/bathroom humor in its dialogue. The example the ESRB uses is, "You've got some fuzzy dice to come around here." Oh, my.

Once official word of the Vita release comes out, we'll update you with more information, such as when the collection will be released. Until then, take a look at the game's listing on the ESRB site and let us know which part of the Rating Summary made you giggle.