At the Gamescom conference today in Cologne, Germany, Sony unveiled a new trailer for Infamous First Light, the stand-alone DLC for Infamous Second Son, and revealed details about the project.

In the trailer, we see the game’s protagonist, Abigail “Fetch” Walker, confined to a D.U.P. cell in Curdun Cay, a conduit prison. D.U.P. leader Augustine is training Fetch to become a ruthless killer, testing her neon powers against virtual enemies in a futuristic training arena. After a montage of Fetch’s considerable combat skills, we see her outside the prison in snowy, mountainous terrain where D.U.P. soldiers attempt to bring her down. Fetch eliminates her ground-based opponents with her unique combat style before destroying a helicopter with a large neon blast.

The Curdun Cay prison will serve as the home for re-playable battle arenas, a new feature for First Light. Once players escape Curdun cay, they can go back to complete challenges involving waves of enemies. Players’ scores will be displayed on a worldwide leaderboard, offering an incentive to go back and replay challenges to beat friends’ high scores. First Light is a stand-alone DLC pack, meaning players don’t need to have Infamous Second Son to play, but gamers who still have their copy of Second Son gain the ability to use Delsin, the main game’s protagonist, in the battle arenas.

Sony also revealed a few details about the game’s characters and setting. New characters Brent and Shane (described as a “street smart dirt bag,”) will interact with Fetch as she explores a fictional version of Seattle, which now features neon gas clouds that allow Fetch to maintain her speed while dashing.

Infamous First Light will be available for download through the PlayStation Store on Aug. 27, and on Blu-Ray format on Sept. 10. Gamers who pre-order will gain access to a special D.U.P. costume for Fetch.