SuperBot Entertainment, the studio behind the quite successful PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, recently split from Sony, who has continued to develop content for the game in-house. So we know of the fate of PSABR, but what of the fate of its original developer? Well, according to Edge Magazine, SuperBot is not dead yet.

The studios has apparently, “substantially shrunk down,” after it’s split, but it’s still working on a project or two. “We have substantially shrunk down our operations but are still going strong while we work on a new IP,” said director of operations David Yang. Unfortunately, no details regarding this new IP were given.

Rumors began circulating about SuperBot’s supposed closing shortly after their split with Sony. Though the split was amicable and both companies still have a good relationship with each other, few thought that this small studio would survive without Sony’s backing. Now that it has been confirmed that they are hanging on, let’s hope to see some big news out of them at this year’s E3.