Say hello to BioWare's development leads for the fourth Mass Effect game.

BioWare has revealed the talented team heading the development of Mass Effect 4 at its Montreal and Edmonton studios. Chris Schlerf will be the Lead Writer for the next Mass Effect and has been working on the project since Nov. 2013. Schlerf is known for being the Lead Writer of Halo 4. We're sure not everyone is going to be happy with this decision since Halo 4's story was criticized by many of the series' longtime fans. Many would argue that Karpyshyn's absence from writing Mass Effect 3 was noticeable, especially in terms of its controversial ending. Factor in the loss of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect 1-2 Lead Writer Drew Karpyshyn, and Schlerf has some pretty big shoes to fill. Nevertheless, we're sure he'll be able to deliver.

The Creative Director of the fourth Mass Effect will be Mac Walters, who was the the Lead Writer of Mass Effect 2 alongside Karpyshyn and also the Lead Writer for Mass Effect 3. Ian Franzier will be the game's lead designer, who oversaw design on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Longtime Mass Effect Senior Development Director Chris Wynn is returning for the same development role. Fabrice Condominas produced Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC and its multiplayer and will be a Producer for the game alongside series vet Mike Gamble. Overseeing BioWare Montreal's development of the game will be Studio Director Yanick Roy, who was the Senior Project Manager of the first game.

Here's to hoping the fourth Mass Effect goes above and beyond our expectations -- we're sure BioWare Montreal and Edmonton will be able score some Paragon from us all. Just remember, it's not about who you have on your roster, it's about how you guys perform as a team.