Gaming history has found a permanent residence as the National Video Game History Museum has been approved to have its own location right outside of Dallas, Texas.

Joystiq reports that The Frisco Community Development Corporation Board of Frisco- Texas has approved a 10,400 square foot space in its Discovery Center for the National Video Game History Museum. Frisco, Texas will be spending up to $800,000 for the sake of improving the Discovery Center with additional funding and renovations, such as a bigger parking lot. The CDC, Visitor's Bureau and Frisco Convention Center contributed $100,000 in donations to help with the Video Game History Museum's startup.

The Video Game History Museum was founded by Sean Kelly and John Hardie. They would like to host workshops at the museum to teach students how to make their own Pong games. They really care about promoting the knowledge behind retro and arcade-style games. Previously, Kelly and Hardie would have to risk shipping their arcade cabinets across country to appear at conventions. Now, gaming artifacts have a place to call home.

Being retro and arcade game enthusiasts ourselves (hint, what's our name?), we'd like to thank Kelly, Hardie and everyone at the museum for working so hard at preserving video game history and would like to congratulate them on this joyous announcement.