Recently, it was thought that the Tokyo Game Show wasn't all that it used to be, with declining attendance by both the public and exhibitors. This will likely change now that hundreds of developers are showing up to showcase over 700 games total at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show.

According to Destructoid, the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association, or CESA, is saying that 417 exhibitors have registered for this year's Tokyo Game Show, showing off 713 different games. The CESA is the group in charge of the Tokyo Game Show. That's a lot of activity, but Destructoid also mentioned that there are 75 more exhibitors than last year, double the amount of games and the list of exhibitors isn't even finalized yet.

We're all about a spike in activity for this long-standing show, as it only means more games to talk about. No one can deny that Japan has been the driving force in getting the industry where it is today. Now that Japan's homegrown show is back on its feet, we only expect great things from the Land of the Rising Sun.

The 2014 Tokyo Game Show kicks off from the Makuhari Messe building in Chiba on Sept. 18 and runs through Sept. 21. We'll have all of the coverage you can handle from the show as it breaks.