Tess is better known as Jak's love interest and a weapon designer in the Jak and Daxter series. But today, she's known as our Cosplay of the Day!

If you squint, she could almost pass for a female version of The Legend of Zelda's Link, although she does turn into an Ottsel later on in the series, which is an altogether very different look. She's an industrious girl who is a wonder with weapons and gives Daxter some of the only attention he can get throughout the series. Her attitude is one we can admire, even more than her attractive looks.

Here is Momo Kurumi as Tess, providing a very realistic depiction of what the character might look like in real life. Everything about the outfit is completely accurate, except for maybe a few missing earrings, but we're not going to be all that nit-picky, especially when Momo Kurumi looks as good as she does. It's almost a shame that Naughty Dog never hired her for any promotional work like Irrational Games did with Anna Moleva, the face of Elizabeth.

Come see more of Momo's handiwork on her deviantART. You'll find some more great cosplay pieces, like some costumes from the giant mecha anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

Gaara Colleen/Momo Kurumi
Deathcom Media
CosIT Photography