Jak and Daxter

10 Best Video Game Animal Pilots
It’s always amazing to see a great pilot in action. Whether it’s a tense dogfight or fancy complex maneuvers, a skilled pilot is a sight to see. It’s even cooler when that pilot is some sort of non-human creature. Whether it’s a cutesy animal or something more stylized and humanoid, these pilots are all interesting characters in their own right, aside from being great pilots. Being a great pilot doesn’t necessarily mean being the most technically proficient, however. As you’ll see some of these entries are great and memorable pilots by virtue of being good characters outside of any piloting skills.
Jak and Daxter
It seems that the Jak and Daxter Collection is jumping from one PlayStation console to another. The ESRB has rated the collection for release on the Vita.
Tess cosplay
Tess is better known as Jak's love interest and a weapon designer in the Jak and Daxter series. But today, she's known as our Cosplay of the Day!