The team known for the multiplayer portions of Batman: Arkham Origins is back with an all new action title.

This debut trailer for Tempo features a terrorist in control of London. A wealthy, militant leader is decked out in a suit and looks like he means business by threatening all of England. He demands £1 trillion or he'll simply blow up London, and it seems like he has the firepower to do so as well as the forces to help fortify himself to a level that's almost untouchable.

This is where your character comes in. Your character is fighting overwhelming odds in what appears to be a mix of QTE and action sequences. Since the game is going to be iOS-only, we were legitimately surprised at the level of details in the cutscenes this trailer had. There's gunplay, bad guys to shoot, assailants to melee and attack choppers to obliterate. We just wish there was more gameplay footage to see how we'll interact with it all.

Be ready for Tempo's cinematic and reflex-oriented style of gameplay when it launches on the iOS format sometime in early 2015.